Polish Tatra Shepherd – puppies for sale 

polish tatra shepherd puppy for sale

polish tatra shepherd puppy for sale

Why do we have Tatra puppies for sale?

We are dedicated to this beautiful breed. Breeding is about making a match of parents that will help you improve certain characteristics of your breeding stock. If you achieve it – you should simply leave yourself a better quality dog than previous generation. We make all our litters having this principles in mind – we make a litter to leave ourselves one exceptional puppy if there is one. An average litter for Polish Tatra Shepherd Dog is 6 puppies per litter, which means that 5 others have to find their forever homes and become someone’s family members. This is when we have Polish Tatra Shepherd puppies for sale. We do not just produce to have puppies, sell them and make money out of breeding. We make a litter to find this exceptional puppy and have bettered next generations of our dogs.

Process of buying a puppy from us

If you are interested in becoming an owner of one of our puppies, please contact us via email or leave us a message on Facebook. Alternatively, you can call us on the number given in a contact section. We will grately appriciate if you briefly introduced yourself and told us why you would like one of this breed.

Once we agreed that you would like our puppy and we would like you to get one from us, we will need to secure a deposit in order for you to secure a place on awaiting list. This is so that you are sure that we have you on our list waiting for a puppy, and we are sure that someone is serious about it and isn’t going to change their mind last minute.

Place on awaiting list is adequate to the order of secured deposit. You will get to choose a puppy accordingly to the place on the list.

The deposit is unrefundable unless we cannot provide a puppy to you – i.e. If there is not enough puppies of your chosen gender born in the particular litter. Then we would either offer you a puppy of a different gender, moving onto another litter or full refund of your paid deposit – you decide.

We have a trusted shipping company that we’ve been co-operating with for the past couple of years. They organize all the shipping related paperwork as well as take care of puppies before and during the flight. We are experienced in shipping puppies into different destinations in the world including Alaska or Guatemala.

Available puppies

Here you will find Polish Tatra Shepherd Puppies from our kennel that are available for sale.

JUHAS Tatra Love

from our litter J – read more

polish tatra shepherd for sale

Polish Tatra Shepherd – puppies for sale 

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